Why We Love Seitan

Some of you in the These Wingz? community might not know exactly what makes These Wingz? so amazing. Our secret is Seitan!

Seitan is a staple in most “flexitarian” kitchens across the country. Praised for its versatility and close similarity to meat, there is no surprise that Seitan products can be found in many grocery stores in the United States. According to sites like Wikipedia, “wheat gluten, also called Seitan, wheat meat, gluten meat, or simply gluten, is a food made from gluten, the main protein of wheat”.

Seitan can have an endless variety of flavors! Like chicken, it can be made spicy or savory. You can add sauces to it or eat it on its own! All of us here at These Wingz? can’t get enough of the amazing meat like texture that comes from Seitan.

Two of the reasons that it has gained popularity is not only because of its taste…it’s also because of its texture!  When compared to other alternatives like Tofu, the meaty taste and texture that comes from Seitan is incomparable!
Seitan is high in protein while still being low in fat, allowing everyone from meat eaters to vegans, and everyone in-between to enjoy this delicious meat alternative! To help you learn more about the benefits of Seitan, we have listed a few of the benefits of eating the best meat alternative around!

High in Protein: Protein does so much in your body, everything from repairing tissue damage to building muscle and bones, protein is a fundamental building block of a healthy diet. Although Seitan is made from wheat, it is very high in protein! This will help keep your bones and muscles staying strong. In a 3 ounce portion of Seitan, you can get all of the protein that your body needs for a whole day!

Low in calories but still leaves you full: Seitan is a calorie conscious choice for anyone! A 3 ounce portion only has about 110 calories to help you keep your calorie count down while the high protein percentage is more than enough to make you feel full long after you finish a meal! But don’t worry if you aren’t looking to watch what you are eating or lose weight, Seitan doesn’t give you the taste that some other diet foods do.

Low in Fats: Some fats are good for your body, but there are many that are not! Seitan offers a low fat alternative to regular meats. Surprisingly, there are only 0 to 2 grams of fat in a 100g or 3 ounce portion of Seitan product. Maintaining a low fat diet will help you sustain a good cholesterol level as well as keeping your heart and blood healthy!

High in Iron: Foods like Seitan that are high in protein also come with the added health benefit of being a good source of iron. According to Medicine Net, getting enough Iron is vital for our health because it helps “carry oxygen from our lungs throughout our bodies…Iron also helps our muscles store and use oxygen”.
Whether you are looking for a heart healthy and protein rich meat alternative or just want to try what this new craze is all about pick up These Wingz? today!

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