The Flexitarian Diet Health Benefits

Do you ever feel inclined to turn vegetarian for all of the wonderful health benefits, but just can’t bring yourself to give up some of your favorite dishes?

Maybe you should think about becoming a Flexitarian!

The term Flexitarian, is defined as a person “whose normally meatless diet occasionally includes meat or fish”. The term has become one of the biggest health catchphrases around, and for a good reason! The primary reasoning for a Flexitarian diet is to add more plant based foods while cutting back on meat.  This diet is an easy and realistic way to maintain the healthy eating of vegetarian with the variety of a meat eater.

According to author of the “Flexitarian Diet” Dawn Blatner, “you do not have to give up on meat completely to obtain the health benefits associated with a vegetarian diet”.  If you want to read more about the health benefits of becoming a Flexitarian, continue on below:

You May Live Longer:

The National Institutes of Health has researched the connections between what we eat and how long we live, “concluding plant-based diets can boost the chance of lengthening life”. It has been claimed by US News that people on a “Flexitarian diet live 3.6 years longer than those who follow the regular diet”.

Cheap and Eco-Friendly:

Eating more plants and less meat allows you to save money in the grocery store, since you won’t be buying much of those expensive proteins. Plus you can feel good about doing something for the environment at the same time!

Highly Praised:

US News and World Report Health rated the Flexitarian diet in “the top ten for weight loss, heart health and diabetes control”! How can you beat praise like that?

The best part about being a Flexitarian is that it is so easy to do!

On the Flexitarian diet you are allowed to go out to eat, drink alcohol and you don’t have to worry about following a plan strictly. Because the Flexitarian diet has meals that revolve around “plant proteins” rather than animal proteins, you have a huge variety of foods to choose from! Today you might have tasty These Wingz?, while tomorrow  you might have black bean soup with a salad. The Flexitarian diet is all about being “Flexible” and diverse in food choices.

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  1. chaaseme says:

    I love it when people call it Flexitarian instead of vegetarian that eats fish. because if you eat some sort of meat, you’re not a vegetarian.


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