Why You Should Practice Meatless Mondays

So many people think that being a vegan or vegetarian has to be boring. The preconceived notion is that all vegetarians eat is tofu and salads…That is so not the case! Vegetarians have so many great products now, meat like products made from Seitan (Like These Wingz?) give that meat like feel without all the harmful side effects of meat eating.

If you or your family are not quite ready to go full blown vegetarian, having one meat-free day each week might be able to help! It is said that cutting the meat from one meal a week can help improve your health, help the environment, as well as open up a whole new world of exciting foods!

So what are the benefits of switching out hot dogs for black beans, even once a week? Read more below to find out!

  • The Vegetarian Society says that “the livestock industry produces 18 per cent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions”. By going meat-free even one day a week, you can help fight for our environment!
  • United States Geological Survey says that “Water is needed to produce almost all the products we use every day”. They say that about “2,000 gallons of water are needed to produce just one pound of beef” for cows and farmers that are located in the United States
  • In one study, the University of Oxford stated that “non-meat eaters are 32 per cent less likely to die from cardiovascular issues and generally have a lower risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity”.
  • Studies show that when people choose to cut meat from their diets, “their blood cholesterol levels drop by up to 35%”. When you choose not to eat meat once a week, you are giving your body some of the benefits that vegetarians get on a daily basis!
  • According to the Institute of Cancer Epidemiology, Copenhagen, “excess protein is stored as fat or turned into waste, and animal protein is a major cause of weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, inflammation, and cancer”!

If these facts weren’t enough to make you want to switch meat out for one day of the week, here are a few ways to get your protein fill while helping yourself and planet earth!

  1. Premade salads are a fun and easy way to make your lunch meat free for the week. Try adding some nuts like walnuts and sunflower seeds to get some extra plant based protein.
  2. Check out Seitan based products, such as These Wingz? To help your family get that comfort food feel and clean their plates!
  3. Make sure the snacks that you eat contain a protein to keep you full. Our favorite recommendation is apple slices with protein filled peanut butter!

Being a part time vegetarian or participating in “Meatless Mondays” is just one small way to make a difference for the environment and for your bodies, but it is still beneficial and so rewarding!

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