Health Foods Shopping 101

Grocery shopping is always at the top of our to-do list in the vegan community. Fresh and healthy options are typically the fastest to go in our kitchens. In order to stay adequately stocked in your homes too, check out our recommendations for affordable and accessible vegan-friendly health food stores in Illinois.

Bonne Sante Health Foods, 1512 E 53rd St. Chicago IL 60615

Located in the Hyde Park neighborhood, Bonne Sante Health Foods has been around for nearly 35 years! They offer way more than your average health food store with the option to choose from herbal remedies, body care, fresh produce and you can even stop in to shop and visit their very own  Juice Bar or Fresh Panini Station! Questions before you shop? Take look through their website and learn a little more about what remedies you can find in store to help with just about anything your body may be concerned with. If that’s not enough to draw you in, they also offer their most popular products and educational tips online making it easier to know what you want before you stop in.

Heritage Health Foods, 4111 183rd St, Country Club Hills, IL 60478

Are you near the Country Club Hills area? In need of a variety of meat-less food options?Stop in and find out what Heritage Health Foods is all about! The company was started in 2009 and they manufacture and distribute vegetarian products of both the frozen and dry variety. Unlike many other health food stores, Heritage offers their very own brands of meat-less foods such as corn dogs and deli meats. You can browse through customer favorites at Heritage such as their Natural Line which offers all natural, non-GMO health foods that are sure to please vegans, vegetarians and flextarians nearby! They strive to provide simplicity and we all know that now-a-days, that can be hard to come by!

Kramers Health Foods,  230 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL 60604

Okay, now I know we said health food “stores” but Kramer’s is just as good and is a vegan-friendly cafe that will be sure to leave you satisfied. This cafe has been a downtown favorite since about 1936 and offers fresh food ranging anywhere from fresh juice to original shakes and herbal elixir mixers. If stopping in to grab a bite doesn’t satisfy your needs, you can now order from Kramers for delivery!

We hope you enjoy! While you shop, consider these tips to put your journey at ease :

    • Bring your own bag! It’s such a simple task, not only will it save you a few cents or even a few bucks, but it’s a great way to help keep our lovely mother earth and her resources sustainable 🙂
    • Only grabbing a few things? Talk a walk to your nearby grocery store. Ditch the car or subway and stretch those legs. Who knows, you may even come across a new health foods store to try!

Happy Shopping!


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