Smart “Flexitarian-isms” to Live By

According to U.S Health News, the Flexitarian Diet is now ranked #4 among the Best Diets Overall. The theory behind this diet is that it’s followers will reap the benefits of being a “flexible vegetarian” and be able to choose between what they eat without the limits that a strict vegan or vegetarian diet may have. While this is a definite pro, this choice in diet also comes with some tough decision making.

Many flexitarians find themselves torn between choosing meat or no meat, all the while trying to keep it healthy. Have you struggled with this too? Well struggle no more! These Wingz? is here to step in and help you build a smarter and more at-ease diet plan through these simple steps:

  1. Try to get a heavier intake of plant-based side dishes in your daily meals. Proteins such as beans, tofu, nuts, etc. will help you to get your protein without having to revert to meat more than once a meal! If you are in need of ideas, visit our previous post for our top 5 protein sources to get started!
  2. Get a little exercise in! A lot of flexitarians can feel the change in their bodies when converting to this diet and that’s great! In order to maintain a balance in between consuming meats and non-meats, we suggest getting at least a half an hour’s worth of physical activity in everyday. You’ll see the benefits in the diet much quicker this way.
  3. Purchase a recipe book! It can be hard to keep up with what to make for dinner when it’s not placing an order from your favorite restaurant. Maintaining balance is much easier to do when you’ve got your steps listed out for you! Most flexible chefs outline the nutrition facts in their recipes which is a plus if you are a calorie counter or are significantly watching your intake in certain areas. Dawn Jackson Blatner’s 2009 Publication of “The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way to Lose Weight, Be Healthier, Prevent Disease, and Add Years to Your Life” is a highly praised publication among this community. 
  4. Do your research and build a diet that works for you! Just like us, we find that different methods work for different folks. Contributing factors such as your blood type, current or goal weight and any other health related dietary needs should be taken into account! Search the web or even consult with a nutritionist that can help you get your very own smart list of “isms” going.

Use these 4 tips as a base to build your own list! There is truly no wrong or right way to be a flexitarian, the idea here is to create a flexible balance that yields results. A great takeaway from this diet and lifestyle is that is it very interchangeable and the list of benefits is constantly growing! Following these “Flexitarianisms” is what keeps us in line! What is your secret?? Share it with us on social media or comment below!

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