Sick of Salad?

Does being a vegetarian or vegan ever make you feel left out?

Do you ever feel that your dietary choices have excluded you and your family’s traditions? Are you left out at work potlucks, holiday dinners, and friend’s parties? How often do you feel like there is nothing to eat except for the wilted salad on the side?

Anyone who has grown up a vegetarian, or became one later in life will know that there are some daily struggles we all face. Here are a few tips that will help you make work gatherings, family meals and everything in between a little bit easier.

Let the host know ahead of time.

If you are seriously concerned about not having anything to eat at your next get together, feel free to let your host know about your dietary restrictions. They may be able to make an effort to have something other than salad available to eat.  It won’t hurt to offer up some suggestions of what you like to eat, things such as a fresh quinoa salad or a meatless chili are easy to make and delicious for everyone!

Stand firm.

Sometimes if you are a new vegan or vegetarian, it can be easy for you to apologize for your choices. Don’t let it get to you, though! If you show confidence in your choices then other people will become less likely to get under your skin.

Bring a dish.

If you are a vegan or vegetarian, offer to bring a dish to pass to your next event! Bring These Wingz? or another meat like product that all carnivores, omnivores and vegetarians will fall in love with. If your dish is something that is new to people, tell them about it! People are most likely to test something new if the person who made it is also excited to share it.

Don’t make a scene.

Most vegetarians and vegans may think the more they raise awareness for their choice not to eat meat the more they are helping the cause, but not all people agree. Most of the time people become much more interested in a person’s diet when they don’t say anything at all.

Be appreciative.

When you are feeling stressed or left out when you are eating with a group, keep in mind how fortunate we are that we can make all the food choices we prefer. There are so many people that must go hungry and lack basic food safety both in this country and around the globe!

Be confident.

Even if you’ve been vegan or vegetarian for years, you are bound to get some questions from family and from your friends you haven’t seen in a while. Although vegetarianism is not a new thing by any means, people still have a lot of misconceptions about what it means! Don’t stress or shy away from giving answers to any questions people have — just be confident in what you say!

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