The Budgeting Flexitarian

What’s the first thing you thought about when you converted to a flexitarian diet? A vegan diet? Strictly vegetarian? Was it spending money at the grocery store, losing time, having to cook, or lacking the proper resources?

The answer to those questions could be a number of things, but the more common response that we hear is “this is going to be expensive”. Like any major lifestyle change, a shift in your budget can or will take place at some point. For flexitarians and vegans alike, being a consumer who buys more plant based foods and healthy alternatives, making the change can end up being a pricey decision, but it definitely does not always have to be! 

These Wingz? is here to lighten the burden on your budget and give your wallet a little more wiggle room. Check out these budget savvy vegan brands that we find just might be a penny pincher’s dream.

Looking for low cost and high taste in your vegan meat? Try out MorningStar Farms! This brand provides a wide variety of pre-packaged, frozen foods that includes popular options such as veggie bowls, veggie burgers, breakfast sausages and more. Customers buying from MorningStar Farms have the luxury of purchasing many of their favorites for as low as $5 per item. You can find MorningStar Farms brand items at your local grocery store by running a quick search via the site’s “Where to Buy” option or by stopping into your local superstore such as Walmart! This is also a plus for the flexitarian shopper. They offer way more than just vegan foods!

Shopping at a higher end grocer but still looking to keep your spending low? Whole Foods Market carries great finds that will be easy on your pockets and even easier on your taste buds. If you like organic snacks, Whole Foods Market’s brand, 365 Everyday Value is a must have. You can buy items such as organic tortilla chips and peanut butter for just around $5-$20 an item.

Want to know what else we love? Low cost grocery stores! While the brands we outlined above may be found at larger chain grocery stores throughout the US, we still stop into our local Aldi from time to time to search the shelves for their Simply Nature brand foods. This brand prides itself in providing foods with a low # of add-ins and an even lower price. Customers shopping Simply Nature brand at Aldi can expect to spend anywhere from $5-$20 per item.

In case you don’t know where to look for these brands and others like them, refer back to our previous post about our favorite health foods store in Chicago.

Before we go, we’ve got a few tips to help you keep your budget in line:

    • Check your store’s website or catalog for deals. Anything you find beforehand can help you adjust your spending before stepping foot in the isles.
    • Use a price comparison app! Apps such as iOS, Android and Windows friendly ShopSavvy help you out while shopping by scanning barcodes of your favorite items and listing it’s price at many other stores near you.
    • Know what you need and how much! This goes for any budget conscious shopper. Overbuying items that don’t last long are the fastest way to throw your money down the drain. Buy fresh items as you need them and save the bulk buys for large parties and non-perishables 🙂

These items and tips are meant to help curve your budget. When choosing healthier alternatives, nothing of quality is “cheap”, but a lower cost item or brand more in your kitchen can lead the way to big savings. Enjoy!

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