Vegetarian Meal Prep? Done!

Deciding what to eat for lunch is often controversial, especially at work! Deciding what to eat for the entire day? Even tougher! However, These Wingz? has you covered… as we always do! We have paired with a fellow blogger who creates easy and comforting recipes that can help put a stop to your constant search for what to eat.

If you read our “Sick of Salad” post, you understand that at times, vegetarians have difficulties joining the group orders at lunch time when the first choice in restaurants isn’t so veggie friendly.

We’ve got your day in meal prep laid out for you. Check out these quick and easy vegetarian recipes that will go from breakfast to dinner. Courtesy of Easy Comfort Food by Vyla Kong.

Breakfast: Egg Muffin Delights.


Quick and simple, these egg muffins are a great dish for mornings on the go. With only 7 ingredients, you won’t have to get messy to stir up your breakfast! Click the link above for the full recipe.

Lunch: Mouthwatering Asparagus.


We know, just a veggie dish? Trust us, this dish of asparagus is great as a stand alone meal or as a side dish to a bigger entree! Garlic, onion, olive oil and parsley are all that go into making this mouthwatering plate! Visit the link above for the full recipe.

Dinner: Pesto & Marinara Pizza


We saved the best for last! After a long day, you’d rather save time on the meal you prep, right? This “almost from scratch” recipe is going to become your new favorite. The possibilities are endless with this pizza, you can add nearly any veggie topping of your choice. Full recipe is linked above!

We told you we had you covered! You’ve got an entire day’s worth of meals and prep to last the week! For more recipes like this, please visit  and select vegetarian! Enjoy!

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