A Short History of Memorial Day

TheseWingz? would like to wish all of those who fought and are still fighting, a happy Memorial Day! Find some time today to take a moment of silence and salute the fallen.

In case you’ve never known the complete history behind Memorial Day, These Wingz? has got you covered…

It is said that Memorial Day began being celebrated as “Decoration Day” which was to celebrate the fallen men and women who served in the U.S. Military. It was not until around about 1971 that Memorial Day began to be recognized as a federal holiday. Following the Civil War, it eventually grew to be what we celebrate every May!

We hope you all have a great time at┬átoday’s festivities, give thanks and enjoy good quality family time from us at These Wingz?

In case you’re a late bloomer with your plans today, check out Time Out Magazine’s guide to Chicago area festivities here.


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