Vegan Gifts Ideas for Dad

Father’s Day is right around the corner! These Wingz? would like to wish all of the father’s out there a very happy Father’s Day!

If you are late on your gifts this year or even on time, but wanting to give more – we’ve got a few quick and easy vegan ideas that are sure to put a smile on any father’s face!

Here’s a list of a few gift ideas that any vegan dad can appreciate and don’t worry, we can tell you where to find them!

    • An at home herb garden. Planting herbs at home is not practiced too often in big cities like Chicago. For all of our readers that are in metropolitan areas like us, this indoor alternative could solve just an ounce of your worries about finding fresh herbs for your diet!  You can find items like this at Target  and Bed Bath and Beyond  for under $30.
    • Vegan Shaving Cream. We know, it sounds unreal…but lucky for you vegan dads out there, it is real! There a quite a few brands to choose from, but just to get you started, have a look at these: Jack Black , Billy Jealousy, Dr.Bronner’s. You can find all of these brands an Amazon!
    • Vegan Chocolate! If anything is an easy gift, its this. Check out Sjaaks brand’s Organics Melk Chocolate bars. To add to the deliciousness, they’re under $3 a bar! You can find these online at Vegan Essentials or directly from their site.
    • Non/Faux Leather Wallets! Faux leather is very vegan friendly and looks just as classy as the real thing. Armstong brand tri-fold wallets are pretty popular in the vegan community and can be purchased for under $30! You can find this brand’s merchandise and many others like it online at Vegan Essentials .

We hope these ideas inspire you! Since we did this for Mother’s Day, we’ve got to poke fun at the fathers as well…enjoy this meme that sums up just about all of our dads out there.

Fathers day meme2

Here’s to you dad!

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