Behind the Myths of Being Vegan

Okay readers, listen up! We have a few topics of discussion to dive into surrounding vegan myths and we think you should hear this!

Many people see vegan and automatically come up with ideas as to what the benefits are. In order to categorize those benefits into true and false, we’ve done our research in helping you weed out the real from the fairytale.

Check out these 4 vegan myths that we hear most often and are here to explain:

Shopping Vegan is Expensive! 
Alright readers, while this is semi-true, it’s really no different than your typical trip to the grocery store. The point to remember when shopping vegan is that you are virtually cutting costs instead of incurring them. By not having to purchase meat, you can either save a good chunk of your bill or use those savings to purchase the vegan items you have had your eye on. Due to the expansion of the vegan culture, we are seeing more cost-effective foods and products enter into big chain grocery stores. If you can’t find yours at big name stores, there’s always local!


You Can’t Get Sufficient Amounts of Protein!
This is a total myth! Protein is present in tons of meatless options. Foods like nuts, quinoa and even some fruits can give you just enough, if not more, protein than your average piece of chicken or plate of eggs. Need some help in this area? Check out some of our favorite vegan proteins a few posts back here.


You’ll Lose Weight Immediately!
While this diet is more beneficial to your health and weight, shedding pounds won’t happen immediately. Like any other change in diet, you’ll need to get some exercise to balance out the benefits. Cutting out the extra fats that meat eaters take in and sometimes can’t get rid of will be much easier with the right balance of vegan options and about 30 minutes of activity daily.


Vegans Barely have Options!
From experience, we can stay this definitely is NOT true! This idea, if any of them, has myth written all over it! Vegans have tons of options, whether that be from the grocery store, at home kitchen or out at a restaurant. As always, we’ve got you covered on the options! Whether it is a plate of These Wingz? or a choice of a night out eating vegan, you are sure to find a great variety in a vegan diet.

Which path to take

There certainly are many other speculations about veganism, but fact or fiction, you have to make your vegan lifestyle true to you in order to truly enjoy it!

Got a myth that you’ve heard of and are uncertain in believing? Comment below and we can lead you in the right direction!

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