Fresh Vegan Choices for Recipes Requiring Dairy

Almost half, if not all, of the reason that we go vegan is due to the harsh mistreatment of animals in order to utilize them for their by-products and flesh as food. With that being said, we are excited to introduce to you our favorite alternatives to dairy products!

The next time you find yourself wanting an omelette or sweet chocolate bar, try these vegan substitutes:

Want Eggs? Try Scrambled Tofu: If you’re like us, you like a good balanced breakfast. A part of that breakfast is a nice side of scrambled…tofu! Yes, you can still get your fill of vegan scrambled eggs and/or a nice tasty omelette with this option. You can dress this dish up with the same chopped veggies that you love to add to any other breakfast!

Need a sweet bite of chocolate in your vegan pancakes or favorite desert? Try Vegan Chocolate: That’s right, you cocoa lovers can still get your fix! Vegan chocolate is a great addition to your desert plates and you would barely even know the difference. Your best bet in finding the best vegan chocolate is to remember that less is more. Watch out for fillers and extra ingredients that try to over compensate for the lack of dairy products. Natural food stores are the best at finding true vegan chocolate! If you want to weigh your options, take a look at VegNews’ Guide to Vegan Chocolate and pick your fave!

In the mood for a grilled cheese sandwich? Try Almond Cheese: Made for the everyday vegan, almond cheese is a healthy and tasty alternative to dairy based cheese products. You can actually make this one at home! If you’re looking for a list, check out these 25 Vegan Cheeses via One Green Planet.

Making a soup or stew? Try Vegetable Stock: It seems very common, but you’d be surprised at the fact that many people don’t typically use vegetable stock vs chicken or beef. It’s a common misconception that a stew will not taste as flavorful if not made with animal stock, but that surely isn’t the case. You can use any of your favorite vegan seasonings to make your stew or soup just as tasty with vegetable stock. Like any other product, we advise reading the label for each ingredient to ensure that no animal by-products were used!

Need a little sweetening in your desert recipe? Try Beet Sugar: Yes, we know, it sounds unheard of, but beet sugar is a pretty great alternative to your everyday sugar. Contrary to what readers may think, some sugars are in fact not vegan. There are certain kinds that use refined bone from animals and other unsuspecting animal by-products. Beet Sugar can be found online or even in your local Walmart.

These are just a few great options to add to your “to-try” list. There is a world of vegan alternatives out there, it’s just a matter of diving in to find them!

If you’ve tried or want to try any of our suggestions, feel free to upload your reviews to social media and tag us using the handle @thesewingz !



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