Why 2017 is the Year of Vegan

Think about it, veganism has always been around, but as of lately it has grown as a movement and lifestyle like no other time before. With vegan brands expanding, we have options in foods, cruelty free make up and even clothing at our finger tips.

Here are a six reasons why we believe 2017 is the year of the vegan:

Vegan Restaurants are Popping Up Left and Right

Fast food restaurants that were previously huge favorites within the American culture are now being put on the back burner. Restaurant chains like Native Foods Cafe are making their way into many different cities across the U.S. Even subtle menu changes are taking place, such as the addition of gluten free and vegan/vegetarian friendly options being added to traditional restaurants alike.

Vegan Cookbooks are Bringing in Major Sales

In January of 2017, the New York Times released their best seller list and the food and diet category was pretty telling of the times. Rodale Books’ publication of vegan recipe book “Thug Kitchen” made the list of 10 at #3. You can find this book and others like it in your local Barnes and Noble, online at Amazon or even in your neighborhood Target. We’re seeing more attractive vegan cookbooks make way onto our shelves.

There’s a Vegan Substitute for just about Everything

If you haven’t yet, take a glance on over to our latest post to see just what we mean here. Vegan substitutes are growing, and in great variety. Whether it be a substitute for dairy, meat, sugar or even condiments, you can find what you need at most, if not all, of your favorite grocery stores.

The Online Presence of the Vegan Community is Booming

You can read about veganism on a variation of blogs, newsletters and social media pages without having to drop a dime. These Wingz? is the perfect example! We strive to add to the online presence in the vegan community by presenting our readers with valuable tips, recipes and a quality production of vegan wings to those who follow the diet or want to make the change.

Vegan Food Festivals are Nationwide

If you have been following us, you’ll remember our pop up at the Chicago Vegan Festival a few months back. Chicago isn’t the only city to host their own vegan fest and surely isn’t the only state! Vegan Festivals are taking place across all 50 states and have introduced a ton of new food options to people everywhere. Vegan festivals help bring awareness to the diet and the many options that are available.

Sustainability is More Achievable

Being vegan means choosing fresher more organic options. Not all of what we eat needs to be delivered fresh to our door, but for those that like it that way, the option is available now in a few different ways. Cities such as Chicago are starting to take on the ways of sustainability through changes such as encouraging shopping with reusable bags and the ever so clever “BYOB” slogan that encourages customers to “bring your own bag” when buying groceries. Joining movements such as this can help lead to a more sustainable planet which means a more sustainable way of eating!

We could go on and on about all of the great attributes of being a vegan! If you’re like us, you can’t wait to see what the rest of the year, and years to come, have in store for the vegan community!

We’d love to hear from you, what are some of your favorite vegan “it-factors”? Tell us below or on social media using the handle @thesewingz and hashtag #thesewingzblog.


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