Supporting Veganism Without a Diet Change

Being vegan doesn’t automatically mean changing the way that you eat. While the lifestyle is primarily focused on the diet, there are many other changes that you can make to inch closer to supporting the movement!

Check out these subtle lifestyle changes that we would absolutely suggest to our readers of any demographic:

Notice your old wallet falling apart? Replace it with Vegan Leather

We’ve introduced this before in our vegan gifts post and we just love the concept of vegan leather! What is vegan leather? Instead of utilizing animals to make an attractive accessory to throw in your pocket or purse, vegan leather is often made from cork, barkcloth, different forms of cotton or even paper! The texture difference in texture is almost non-existent! Buying vegan leather is only step 1 of many to changing your lifestyle too!


Restocking on cosmetics? Look for Anti-Cruelty Brands in Cosmetics

Labels are important. When buying most of our cosmetic products, we often just automatically trust in the companies that we are buying from. You can take that trust  just a little bit further by choosing products that are cruelty free and not tested on animals! You can find about 101 vegan cosmetics brands by visiting this guide via Cruelty Free Kitty here :  


In the Market for Pets? Adopt from a No-Kill Animal Shelter 

Making the decision to get a pet for your household is a huge step. A lot of breeders and pet shops are beginning to make big bucks off of the sales they are bringing in. Puppies and “teacup” sized animals were starting to trend, but we can never really be so sure of just where those animals came from or where they will end up if not cared for properly. 9 times out of 10, they end up in shelters with high euthanization rates. To help stop this, you can adopt your animal from a no-kill shelter and refer a friend as well to keep the circle of life alive. If you’re in the Chicago area, check out PAWS Chicago to explore your options!


Share your non-diet vegan lifestyle changes with us! Comment below or write us on social media, using the handle @thesewingz . Happy researching!

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