3 Valuable Reads for the Daring Vegan

If you’re like us at These Wingz? you like to try new things. Being vegan can either open up two avenues for you – and that is either being limited or expanding your palette. We don’t tend to believe in the myths of the vegan diet, but we do stand side by side with this toss up!

For most, being vegan is already trying something new, so unearthing a new read that delves into what the surface may not reveal can help us all trust in our decision.

Check out these great publications that we think can make you a more daring vegan:

Cookbook and New York Times Best Seller, Thug Kitchen 101, by Thug Kitchen LLC

Thug Kitchen 101

This cookbook is definitely one to add to your bookshelves. Thug Kitchen 101 explores many vegan recipes that the average at home chef may not think of. You can find recipes for anything from Chikpea and Dumpling Soup to Tex-Mex Queso. What’s great about this cookbook is that it’s got zest! It’s no boring read and definitely no boring outcomes in the kitchen! You can interact with others cooking recipes from their copy of Thug Kitchen via their online gallery “The Fridge”. Check it out! We dare you 😉

Magazine Publication and Online Newsletter, VegNews 



VegNews is a magazine that offers its readers vegan options from many different platforms. You can read general news, get recipes, review travel information and even buy merchandise from their online store. Consuming information is in such a different phase in this day in age. Everything is quick, at your finger tips and instant gratification is the key to grabbing what your mind needs. Staying up to date is easily achievable and this publication will definitely do that. Check it out here.



A Guide, The Happy Vegan, by Russell Simmons

The Happy Vegan

Just in case your reading has not encompassed a multitude of ways that are available to your daily life as a vegan, try reading a few books that are considered “guides”. Reading a guide can help you to not only retain information  but to apply that information to things that are realistic and within reach. Russell Simmons (with Chris Morrow) has put together just this book! The Happy Vegan, which can be purchased on Amazon, Google Play and at Barnes and Noble .  outlines a great vegan journey. We all know to be true that it always starts with a little direction!


Readers: tell us what you think! What novels/guides/blogs and subscriptions are you currently reading? We’d love to hear from you!

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