The Man Behind These Wingz?

plain picnic
These Wingz? Sure Look Tasty!

Vegans, Vegetarians and Flexitarians alike might be questioning…why These Wingz? Long time Chicago native, Nathan Echols started These Wingz? with his partners having the idea in mind to provide a tastier variety to non-meat eaters who enjoy the flavors of traditional chicken wings, minus the chicken!

The year has proved to be quite a success for These Wingz?. From securing spots at many of the popular vegan food festivals this summer to hosting pop-up tastings with great turnouts, These Wingz? is sure to be creating a buzz within the vegan food scene in Chicago.

“Our mission is to provide good food that happens to be healthy, perfect for Vegetarians, Flexitarians, and Vegans alike. We want These Wingz? to bridge the gap between people who aren’t ready to change their diets and vegetarians across the country. We will start one Vegan wing at a time.”

So what’s the story?
“These Wingz? is a Chicago-based food company dedicated to providing you with diversity in your food options. We were officially formed in 2017, but have been vegan and vegetarian on and off for 30 years. Understanding how difficult it was to maintain a Vegan or Vegetarian diet, but considering the benefits we wanted to make a change that held. We did some soul-searching and experimenting with several options until we discovered Seitan. Years of trial and error and These Wingz? were born. Spicy and savory wingz that will appeal to even the pickiest palates.These Wingz? Sure are ….Good Wingz!”

You can have your way with these wingz with our great flavors of BBQ, Buffalo and More!

Buffalo picnic table
Buffalo Wingz
BBQ table 4th
BBQ Wingz

Learn more about These Wingz? and every upcoming event by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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