Approaching “The Talk” With Non-Vegans

Having the talk about the benefits of becoming vegan are not always easy talks to have with those who diet differently. In order to adequately explain the benefits of the vegan lifestyle to someone and have it stick, be mindful of these tips:

Have a Plan

Find a way to be informative and assertive without making the talk seem like you have an “agenda”. It helps to have significant points but to ease into each one like everyday conversation! This way, every chat you have with someone who is questioning why they should go vegan will have the same outline. If you feel that it could get personal, plan accordingly. It may not be a bad thing, but be sure not to derail from the message.

Speak From Experience

Spitting out facts and numbers does not always attract someone who is already on the fence about change. Speak from the heart when talking about your journey. Tell people the attractive parts about your vegan lifestyle. Lose weight? Let it be known! Did your energy levels shift? Tell them all about it! People prefer to see real life stories and follow in footsteps that are easy to fill.

Refer, Refer, Refer!

Most people like to have a “starter kit” of sorts when it comes to trying something new. If you find yourself having the talk with someone who has never been vegan or knows little about it, prep them the way you would have wanted! Give them books, blogs, restaurants and places to shop! Being left in the dark is no fun, shed a little light on what it’s like to truly live a vegan lifestyle.

Be As Natural As Possible

When someone asks you, “why are you vegan?” or “why should I make the change?”, give the most honest answer that you can. We like to live by the idea that whatever first comes to mind is what you believe in the strongest! If you made the change for health reasons or even just to try something different – be honest! It’s great to speak to long time vegans who started their journey without knowing how far it’d take them. It makes the journey feel more relatable and like anyone can achieve a healthy vegan diet!

If you or someone you know would like to make the change and doesn’t know how, please refer them to subscribe to our blog and others like it! While we definitely do our research, we get most of our great information from daily life and stories from our readers!

Now go and have your “talk” like a boss!


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