4 Travel Worthy Vegan Cities

Ever wondered where your city ranks among the best places to be vegan? Us too! We did some research for you to make sure your worldwide journeys are packed with vegan adventures!

If you’re lucky enough to be a native or just a frequent traveler to the following cities, you might’ve just found yourself in one of the best places to be vegan.

Portland, Oregan

According to Peta, Portland Oregon ranked among the top cities to be vegan in 2016. This is primarily based on the wide variety of vegan friendly restaurants in the Portland area. On your next road trip, make sure you stop by a few vegan spots such as The Blossoming Lotus and Farm Spirit.


New York City

These Wingz? was on to something when we decided to bring our wingz to NYC! The Vegan Fest was just one of many great things about being vegan in the Big Apple. According to CNN Travel, New York City was also a favorite among the vegan community. If you want a vegan dish that is served in a trendy atmosphere, NYC is the place to get it. Check out some great Vegan restaurants in New York, here.


Honolulu, Hawaii

When most people think of Hawaii, they think exotic. Now, you can think both exotic and vegan friendly! Honolulu is a great place to live or visit if you’re vegan. There are many fresh tropical fruits and plant based foods available in this beautiful land. Peace Cafe is a top rated vegan spot where you can explore the joys of both a native and vegan friendly cuisine.

maxresdefault (1).jpg
Via EF International Language Campuses

Toronto, Canada

As a city that is near to us at here at These Wingz? in Chicago, Toronto is a great place to add to your vegan travel journey. With vegan eateries and festivals popping up left and right, Toronto is sure to be one of many cities to join the vegan wave. Fun events such as Veg Fest and Veggielicous proved to have spread the word among those who have been and are venturing into veganism.


This is just the beginning of a long list of cities that becoming very vegan friendly! The next time you decide to plan an annual trip or want to get away for the weekend, give some of these cities a try!

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