How to Host a Successful Meatless Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is headed our way and yes…it crept up on us sooner than we expected too! Whether you are used to celebrating in a large or small setting, we know how hard it can be to ensure that you’ll get your fill at this year’s thanksgiving dinner.

Vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians alike can agree, picking around the meat on Thanksgiving gets old. Instead of choosing all of the sides at this year’s festivities, These Wingz? has some tips that could help you have a successful and meatless Thanksgiving dinner.

  1. Host a “reverse” style potluck dinner party! Instead of attending a Thanksgiving dinner, host your very own! Try executing a completely meatless menu and asking that your guests’ contributions be their personal favorites. If those favorites just so happen to include meat, it saves you the trouble of having to worry about leaving any non-vegans out or cooking what’s not usually in your kitchen.
  2. Make the main dish meatless! Since when does Turkey have to be the center of the presentation? If you’re this year’s cook, try making your main dish something out of the ordinary. If you’re in a rut for what to try, check out Food’s Network’s suggestions here.
  3. Try having a common theme. If you’re in a bind for what to cook, try surrounding your dishes around a common theme! This doesn’t mean everything has to be tofu-filled or made with veggies, but having a common theme sets the expectation for you and your guests tastebuds! Squash is in season, try hosting a squash themed dinner! You can make anything from squash casserole to pumpkin pie and satisfy guests of all diet types.
  4. Buy a Tofurky! The good thing about being meatless is that you can doctor up almost any dish to taste just as good without the guilt. If you’re in need for a quick option to substitute in for Turkey, check out Tofurky. As a vegetarian’s favorite of many years, this option can help you avoid the biggest dilemma of them all.

If all else fails, stuff your face before leaving the house and pick around at the dessert table! There’s no shame in dipping into the apple pie a little early when that’s your only option, right??


From These Wingz? to you, we’d like to wish you a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving!

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