Vegan Food That’s Perfect for The Grill

From first course to last, These Wingz? has got you covered with meatless items that are just perfect for the grill and even better for your tastebuds!

Here’s how you can have the perfect Independence day, meat free:

  • Need an appetizer? If you don’t want to replicate a meat dish, but still want to fire up the grill, try throwing together a fresh grilled veggie kabob! With about 2-3 veggies, a skewer and a tasty dipping sauce, you’re just a few steps away from grilling up deliciousness! You can find a great BBQ butternut squash, mushroom and tofu skewer using a recipe from Exceedingly Vegan here.


  • Ready for the main dish? In search for a great burger? Try The Beyond Burger patty! This burger is completely plant based and is packed with 20 grams of protein, is GMO, Soy and Gluten free! You can purchase these burgers at your local grocery store and grill it right to perfection. If you’re cooking for a mixed group of eaters, don’t worry! The Beyond Burger looks, tastes and cooks just like fresh beef. If you or your crowd want more than a burger, try the variations of plant based options that range from meatless sausage to grilled chicken!


  • Don’t forget about dessert! While this is dessert, we’re definitely still on the grill! Check out this out-of-the-box grilled peach dessert dish by Abbeys Kitchen! These vegan grilled peaches are made with blackberry coconut cream and pistachios and are more than a friend to the plant based & gluten free community!


Don’t these look and sound delicious? Let’s get to grilling!

From These Wingz? to you, happy 4th!

(Header Image Credit: Jeff Roffman)

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