Cruelty Free Retail Companies to Keep on your Radar!

For some, being vegan is more than a diet. If you’re like us at These Wingz?, you’re always looking for new ways to support and indulge in the vegan lifestyle! Check out some of these great cruelty free clothing brands that can add more than just style to your closet!

Native Shoes, a Peta certified vegan shoe company is a great way to add to your shoe collection while resting assured that no animals were harmed during the making. The company considers their line to be “beast free” meaning that no hair or hide on any animal anywhere was used in the production of their shoes, but most importantly, that they respect the choices that everyone else makes in life! This shoe line has a little bit of everything. From shoes, to boots to sandals, you can find something for men, women, boys and girls.

In The Soulshine is vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty free. Based out of Australia, In The Soul Shine provides its customers with fashionable t-shirts and accessories that are ethically made. A key part of what it means to be ethically sustained is donating and giving back to the very causes that drive most vegans. This company does just that. In The Soulshine makes it known that helping animals is at the core of what they do. You can shop and donate at the same time. The donations go toward animal sanctuaries, organizations and activists.

It’s More Than Clothing!

While clothing is a wonderful area to choose to be cruelty free, it doesn’t have to stop there! A lot of vegan lovers know that if there’s a product that you love, there’s almost always a vegan option. The next time you go to shop for nail polish, try and support NCLA, a cruelty free and 100% vegan nail polish company. NCLA products are also 7 free, which means each polish is made without the 3 chemical ingredients found on most brands and 4 more very dangerous chemicals that usually are common in nail polish. It’s important to realize that when shopping cruelty free, there is a difference in being vegan as well, but this company has nailed both!

Where do you shop as a vegan? Let us know! Drop a comment below. 😉



Header image: Well Made Clothes, Cruelty Free vs Vegan Diagram: Ethical Elephant 


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