Labels! What is Vegan and What is Not?

Buying vegan is simple. You go to the store, find what you like, place it in your cart & you’re good to go! What gets tough is knowing how to shop for what you want. You’ve got to read labels, know ingredients and compare when necessary. At These Wingz? we know it’s not easy to be 100% sure that your cart is strictly vegan, so here’s a guide to help ease the difficulty that can come with shopping!

  1. Read complete nutrition facts. When reading labels, know what to and what not to be swindled by. If you’re trying to stay away from dairy…keep in mind that labels that read “dairy free” or “lactose free” doesn’t automatically mean vegan. Be sure to keep reading the complete nutritional facts to ensure that the remaining ingredients do not contain animal by-products. If a product is completely vegan, it should say so!
  2. Double check for labels that use the term “may contain”. These labels tend to appear due to legal requirements to disclose to its buyers any potential allergens that may be in the food, but they do not mean that a product is totally vegan.
  3. Watch out for ingredients that are not clearly disclosed as being from animals. Some ingredients that are not immediately recognized by the untrained eye are in fact derivatives of animal fat, skin and much more. Ingredients such as gelatin, keratin, jelly, honey and lactose are signs that your product is not vegan. These items do, in fact, come from animals.
  4. Be sure that you are differentiating vegan from vegetarian labeling. What is labeled as being vegetarian just means that there is no meat in the product, but there still may be milk, eggs, and ingredients such as whey in the mix!

Whether you’re at the grocery store or your local fresh market, these tips will help to guide you to smarter shopping.


*Header Image via LIVEKINDLY*


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