A Quick Guide to Going Vegan Without Going Cold Turkey

Getting started isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

With so many dietary trends emerging now-a-days, it’s getting tougher to choose the right change for you. The raw vegan diet, for example, is quickly gaining popularity, but many people are asking…how do I transition without changing my diet so drastically? Many foodies around the world have been looking to shift their diet to veganism and we know how difficult it can be. Here’s a guide to an easy transition that may help you feel at ease with your decision!

Snacking is the best way to avoid feeling hungry once you’ve cut out meat.

Prepare your snack pack! Having snacks with you helps to fill in the hunger you may feel from not eating extremely heavy meals that include meat. Great snacks don’t have to be junk food either, try stashing away a bag of your favorite nuts for a handful of nutrients and flavor. A can of mixed nuts alone can carry up to 813 calories, 72g of fat and vitamins such as B-6.

Between snacking, you may want meat, and that’s okay, this guide is about not shocking your system and making the change in a way that is healthy and realistic. If you feel a craving for meat coming on, reserve a day of the week to include meat in your meals or to eat vegan. We all know how hard it can be to make such a big lifestyle shift such as a dietary change, so there’s no judgement here! Meat-less Mondays for some seems to do the trick and makes a meat-less forever even more achievable.

Raw veggies not sitting well with your taste buds? Cook ’em to replicate a familiar taste!

Raw veggies may not be everyone’s forté, but washing and chopping is not the only way to get your daily intake! If you’re like us, you love a little flavor on your plate! Try grilling your veggies in the form of a kabob or as sides to make your vegan dish something to remember!

This spice guide by One Green Planet may help get you started.


Don’t believe everything you read about nutrition without doing your own research!

It’s important to realize that what’s for someone else might not be for you! Doing your research or seeking out a nutritionist is a great step in aiding such a huge dietary change. Try searching for a specialist via an online directory like Thumbtack to find a vegan nutritionist near you! This way, you can go vegan and remain healthy.

If you’re trying to things at home, save this vegan nutrition chart by LiveKindly to help get you started!

Via LiveKindly
Grilled Veggies Via Minimalist Baker


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