Last Minute Tips for A Vegan Approved Halloween

It’s finally here! Halloween has come and we know how our last-minute planners can get while looking for ideas today, so we’ve compiled this short list of tips to ensure that our community has a very safe and vegan approved Halloween!


Dish out vegan candy! If you ditch the chocolate and gelatin, you’re getting closer to vegan friendly treats! Last Halloween, we compiled a list of vegan treats that are just as sweet for your trick-or-treaters. Check them out here.



Wear vegan friendly costumes! Staying away from fur and leather in your costumes are sure to do the trick, but a fun animal rights costume may also win you a great photo-op or two.  If you need ideas, here’s a great list for last-minute costumes by Peta.

via Melanie Defazio


If you plan to go all out with face paint or make-up, choose a brand that is cruelty free! Peta has a great list of brands here.

via Official Snazaroo

Get Social!

Not sure how else you can show your love for a vegan Halloween? Share some of these fun vegan memes with friends! We shed a chuckle or two for these:

No matter how you celebrate, These Wingz? would like to wish every a safe and fun-filled Halloween!

Share your vegan Halloween with us! Follow us on social and tag us in your posts @thesewingz. Enjoy!

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