7 Bad Habits to Quit For A Better Environment

In our opinion, being vegan is both a lifestyle and a diet! Since we’ve pretty much got the food part covered (wink-wink), we wanted to shed some light on the lifestyle!

Being healthy can means many things now-a-days, but the constant factor within every movement is sustaining our health and the environment! Helping better the environment may sound like a huge task, but doing so is more simple than most would think. Here’s 15 small habits to quit that can lead to a healthier environment for us all…

Cleaning with chemicals! Cut the chemical based cleaning products. Big brands often carry huge lines of products but the variety for eco-friendly options is pretty slim. Try narrowing your search for household cleaners by looking at brands like Honest, Method, Green Works and more! The claim to fame for those brands? Non-toxic ingredients, no chemicals and naturally derived.

Using excess water! Use less water in your daily routines. Now we know, it’s easier said than done, but it is definitely possible! Shortening your showers and running your washer or dishwasher on a specific day of the week are two easy ways to make the transition smoother. Doing this will help with many things but saving money, reducing the need for new water waste treatments and saving the aquatic environment are just a few of our faves.

Throwing away plastic ware! Reuse and recycle! This is about the oldest trick in the book and why? It works! Reusing old bottles, plastic ware, paper, etc. helps to reduce waste and may even keep you from running back and forth to the store so much.

Cut the bags out of your trip to the grocery store! If you’re based in Chicago like us, or another larger city the “bring your own bag” campaign may have already hit stores near you, but if not, give it a try! Reusing old bags or bringing totes with you to grab your groceries is a great way to create a more sustainable environment.

Change your transportation habits! Try carpooling with friends, family or coworkers when you’re all headed to the same location. The less cars on the road the less greenhouse gas emissions in the air!

Stop the print happy folks in your office! Over doing it with printings is all too common. If you work a desk job, try and encourage your office to reduce the amount of printing and save important documents to cloud storage services or to your computers.

Throwing away tons of trash! Create compost when you can instead of throwing away old items. This helps to reduce waste and can even be used as a natural fertilizer for the plant lovers out there.

Just like that you’re contributing to a healthier Mother Earth! What tips do you suggest? Comment below or drop us a line on social @theseswingz!

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