Cozy Vegan Fabrics CAN Keep You Warm This Fall!

It’s getting chilly here in the midwest! Being based in the “windy city”, we know just how some of our fellow city dwellers are feeling right about now in this transition from summer to fall…and it’s cold! Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered…literally. Natural vegan fabrics are super easy to find and even easier to wear knowing that no animals were harmed to make them.

In order to support the cruelty free movement, ditching wool is certainly a great step. Most vegans stay away from wool due to the cruel treatment of sheep in some production facilities. Instead, try finding jackets, blankets or coats that are insulated with polyester fleece, cotton flannel or any other variation of synthetic fibers. Wearing synthetic fibers can keep you just as warm as any other article of clothing. Despite what people think, it’s actually more common than we realize and is used by many big brands.

We’re all going to see it this fall, but we don’t have to wear it! Fur on jackets is a definite no-go for vegans all year ’round. To keep yourself warm without it, try a faux fur alternative when buying your coats, hoodies, boots and jackets. Before you get your shop on for your next faux fur piece, we suggest throughly reading your labels! Check for the material that makes up the faux fur, if you see that its fabric based, you are in the clear! Check out some more helpful tips from One Green Planet before making any final decisions.

If you’re indecisive on where to begin shopping, visit our post about cruelty free retail companies┬áto start!

Stay Warm, Stay Vegan and Happy Fall!



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