10 Snacks You Did Not Know Are Vegan

Feeling hungry? Of course you are, you’re vegan! 😉

On your way to work today or during your quick getaway break, take a stab at this list of vegan goodies to keep you nice and satisfied between meals. Some of these will surprise you!

Fritos! Yes, you heard right. Our beloved old school chip fetish is in fact vegan friendly. Most people immediately see Fritos and think cheese, but the main ingredient is actually corn.


Maple Brown Sugar Flavored Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars. These bars are a crunchy favorite for anyone’s midday snack, but now vegans can rest assured that this flavored bar will not break our diet!


Kettle Brand Sea Salt and Vinegar Potato Chips. These are a personal favorite! They are the perfect snack to chow down on when you are feeling like a nice crispy bags of chips with a little kick. These are a must for your vegan snack list and are compromised of mostly potatoes and sunflower oil!


Sour Patch Kids! What keeps most gummy candies from being vegan is the gelatin. For those who may not be aware, gelatin typically contains animal bone cartilage. Lucky for you, vegans, Sour Patch Kids are gelatin free!


Chipotle Sofritas.

All tofu. All delicious!! When ordering, just remember…no cheese please.


We all love ’em! The original flavored Ritz Crackers are next on this list of yummy-ness! Free of dairy products, these are a great snack to stash in your snack drawer.


Up next: Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos! Yesss, we could not wait to tell you about this one. Surprise, surprise…there is no cheese in these chips either!


Sunchips (Original Flavor) are completely free of cheddar – the main ingredient that usually makes Sunchips a no for vegans.


Pretzels! As long as you don’t seek out the cheese or chocolate covered pretzels, you’re usually in the clear! Traditional pretzels are made of just flour, water and yeast. Let’s all do a little happy dance. 🙂


Can we get a drumroll please?!! The last snack to make this list is…you guessed it! An order of These Wingz! We now deliver. Check our site for more info and to curve your midday, evening or late night cravings.


Header Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels




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