10 Vegan Bucket List Items to Try in The New Year

Well friends, 2019 is upon us! This means changes, and whether that incorporates lifestyle, diet or household changes, we’ve got 10 ways to ensure that some, if not all of those changes include a vegan act! Some of these are shockingly easier than you’d think…

  1. Ditch cows milk for almond or soy! They’ve both got a good amount of calcium and protein and make for great baking substitutes for your favorite goodies.
  2. Trade in your favorite cheese dip for a vegan/nut alternative! A few starters can be found in our last post! The great thing about vegan cheeses is that they are pretty easy to make at home.
  3. Cut fur and leather from your wardrobe! There are so many fashionable and warm alternatives being offered worldwide and no animals were harmed in the process.
  4. Use cruelty free beauty products. When you shop, look for the cruelty-free stamp of approval. This means that no animals were used in testing nor harmed during the making of the products.
  5. Try vegan friendly alternatives to meat like seitan, plant-based, tofu or soy! These Wingz? are made from seitan and there are many other tasty alternatives that are sure to fill your appetite!
  6. Say goodbye to eggs! Most people forget about eggs when thinking vegan, but eggs are considered an animal by-product and can be replaced in many ways. Ingredients like flax seeds and water or “fleggs” and even egg replacements can help add to your list of alternatives.
  7. Carpool! Being vegan is more than just a diet and wardrobe change. Carpooling helps to eliminate the toxins that are put into the air.
  8. Read your labels! Vegan is growing in popularity and that means making sure that what’s in your food that doesn’t have a big vegan label truly is dairy and meat free.
  9. Start juicing! Juicing is a great way to ring in the new year and the nutrients! You can also substitute full meals for juice and/or smoothies that are jam-packed with vitamins and vital nutrients.
  10. Get back in the gym, and if you’re already there, stay there! Being vegan is definitely a turn for a healthier lifestyle, but nothing adds to it like getting in a great workout to balance out your days.

From These Wingz? to you, have a safe, healthy and happy new year!


Header Photo by JESHOOTS.com from Pexels



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