Vegan vs Plant Based. What is the difference?

There is a lot of chatter in the world of a healthy lifestyle now-a-days. We’re here to set the record straight for those of us who follow a vegan lifestyle, a plant-based lifestyle or both!

Vegan? Here is what you may need to know

Being vegan means many things, but the most important marker of living or supporting a vegan lifestyle is that you don’t consume any animal by-products and that no animals nor their environments were harmed or tested in the making of your food or lifestyle items. This means nothing from animals were used in what you eat, purchase or wear.

  • No eggs
  • No dairy
  • No fur
  • No leather
  • No animals
  • No environmental or animal cruelty!
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Following a plant-based lifestyle? Here’s the difference

Living a plant-based lifestyle is still an awesome choice to make! While this generally means no meat, it does not necessarily equate to being vegan. Plant-based means that your food is derived mostly from plants but with few or no animal products. It is still important to read labels when buying plant-based if you’re vegan. You can expect to see vegetables, but you may be surprised at what else.

Looking to buy plant-based foods with a great taste? Here’s a few brands you may love:

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The next time you head out to shop for food, clothing or just about anything that you plan to take home, remember this guide! Both lifestyles are making great strides, but both do have their differences.

Share your tips with us by commenting below or by following us on social media to give us your thoughts! We are always looking for new ways to support both communities and to reinvent our plates and our lives.


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