8 Plant-Based BBQ Options for The Fourth

Independence Day is approaching and grills will be fired up and ready to satisfy hungry people all over. Lucky for the plant based meat eaters, the options for your main course have expanded! If you’re looking to get your fill of BBQ this holiday, swap the meat in a traditional dish out for one of these plant based alternatives!

Swap out Pulled Pork Sandwiches for Jackfruit! This fruit easily mimics the texture of shredded pork and when cooked, it can absorb sauces like BBQ and smoky flavors.

If your taste buds are watering for that extra zing, try hot wings made from cauliflower. Breading, cooking and basting these in sauce is just as tasty as any traditional batch of wings without the guilt. 😉

Burgers are definitely a must and now there are so many options to choose from when deciding what you’ll plan to have. By now, most of us have gotten our hands on the popular Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger patties, so if you’re in the mood for something new, give a quinoa burger a try!

If you love sausage links without the guilt, Field Roast has you covered with a tasty plant-based sausage link that looks, tastes and cooks just like you’d want it. If you happen to run across this brand in stores, you’ll be happy to learn that you can find these sausages in a variety of different flavors from smoked apple to Mexican chipotle.

Plant based chicken is gaining popularity! For those of us who love a good grilled chicken kabob, the “Just Like Chicken” TVP is an option. If you give these a try and happen to like them, let us know!

Spaghetti lovers all over will love the plant based crumbles by Gardein Brands. A great side dish to any meal, these crumbles can be cooked in sauce and make the perfect ground beef substitute.

Sloppy Joes on your mind? Lentils are a great alternative to use for these sandwiches and pack a hefty amount of protein!

What a list, right? We couldn’t end this without mentioning the 8th and one of our personal favorites – an order from These Wingz?! Try our options now or find us at the Taste of Chicago in a few weeks!

What’s on your menu? Let us know! We’d love to hear from you.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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