Change Over Fame. Young Public Figures & Brands Are Sparking Change in the Plant-Based Community

At the young age of twenty-one, Jaden Smith has the nation buzzing about his new vegan food truck for the homeless in Los Angeles. Smith’s vegan food truck “I Love You” hit the streets of LA last week to serve free vegan meals to the homeless population on Skid Row. In downtown, LA, Skid Row is one of the city’s most populated homeless areas serving as grounds for those who have unfortunately been affected by drugs, sickness and/or fallen on hard times. The community rallied around Jaden to be sure he knew his efforts were needed and did not go unheard. According to the “I Love You” truck’s Instagram page (@iloveyourestaurant), this sighting will certainly not be the last.

Jaden Smith is not the only public figure sparking the conversation about change through vegan and plant-based eating, Lewis Hamilton, the world class racing driver has also spoken up about the mistreatment of animals and why he urges everyone else to indulge in a plant-based diet. Hamilton believes in his lifestyle so much that he is one of many executive producers on the upcoming documentary The Game Changers which focuses on exploring the truth about meat, protein and strength through athletes, soldiers and scientists. The documentary is set to hit select theaters in September of 2019.

Speaking of movies, let’s talk Harry Potter…or the movie’s uniform supplier. The knitwear brand, Lochaven of Scotland, that supplied the ever so popular knit sweaters on the set of Harry Potter has vowed to ditch cashmere and add vegan clothing to their line. Following an expos√© on the cashmere industry by Peta, Lochaven, has decided to add new fabrics to their line that include synthetic fibers and has reduced the wool used in certain items. Later in the year, we can look forward to the brand adding a 100% animal free fiber line.

For our readers who may be a bride-to-be, Los Angeles is set to host its first vegan bridal fair this September. Hosted by the First Luxe and Kind Bridal Boutique and taking place inside a vegan friendly hotel, the fair will feature a variety of vegan bridal gown suppliers alongside vegan catering! Snag your tickets on Eventbrite!

These people and companies are headed in the right direction. There is so much to explore in the vegan and plant-based community and what better way to use a platform than to show your support by giving back and spreading awareness.

We see you!

Header Photo by from Pexels

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