Fish-less Fish? Plant Based Meat Companies Are Swimming Into New Plans for “Seafood”.

Plant Based meat sales are on the rise. According to consumer research, the plant based food industry’s sales has risen by 11% since last year. Impossible Foods has definitely taken advantage of this and started talking about adding fish to their line of plant based foods. Confirmed on Twitter and via Eater, last week, it appears that the brand has a team that is working on what a “fish-less” fish product will look like for customers.

The plant based industry is doing more than providing meat alternatives to conscious eaters. It goes beyond health for some and the act of creating food from plants rather than animals is a way to improve our environment. While fish doesn’t have many of the same health risks as other meats, fishing still has negative affects on the habitats where these animals thrive and the numbers are depleting rapidly within our waters.

An article in The New York Times explores that many of the Impossible Foods Brand’s efforts have been in testing flavors for fish. In fact, the company’s chief executive, Pat Brown, talks about the latest broth that was created to mimic the flavor of anchovies. As of June, the company’s efforts have increased in moving toward this product line, but Brown explains to the Times that it’s not as high a priority as replacing beef for the sake of cows.

Impossible Foods is not the only company with plant-based fish in production, Good Catch, a fellow plant based foods brand has already debuted their line of tuna that can be found on the shelves of Whole Foods. It’s safe to say that sooner than we think, we may have plant-based options for every “meat” there is. Sounds good to us! What are your thoughts on fish-less fish? Is this something that you are willing to try?


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