Java and Plant-Based Sandwiches Anyone?: Major Food Chain, Dunkin’ Donuts Is Set to Add Meat Alternatives to Menus.

For Manhattan commuters, your morning routine just got better! The popular coffee chain, Dunkin’ Donuts announced that as of July 24, a plant-based option will be added to menus in participating Manhattan restaurants. As a part of their commitment to offering customers a wide variety of options to fit different lifestyle needs, Dunkin’ will be serving Beyond Meat Breakfast Sandwiches starting in August. The rest of the nation can expect the rollout to reach them in the near future.

While this is not the first vegan-friendly item to be added to Dunkin’s menu, it is the first breakfast sandwich to satisfy those who want a meat alternative. The restaurant now proudly offers bagels, teas and dairy-free alternatives for coffee to satisfy those who follow a vegan lifestyle. The company is certainly headed in the right direction with this addition! Following in Beyond Meat’s footsteps, Dunkin’ Donuts can now proudly add the environment to the list of things that are benefited by their efforts. Beyond Meat helps to promote a healthier planet through its products and serves as a benefit to plant-based protein seekers.

A special tasting event in the Big Apple marked the official launch of the sandwiches in stores earlier this week. Guests at participating restaurants were able to enjoy complimentary sandwiches between a specific timeframe while supplies lasted. The sandwich is going to be new for those who are used to the signature taste of the Beyond Meat brand. A mix of spices specially crafted for Dunkin’ is said to be in the already tasty plant-based sausage blend. While the meat is derived from plants, to ensure your sandwich is vegan, be sure to order without the usual cheese and egg add-ons. Dunkin’s efforts have certainly gained attention and will not go unnoticed.

“Sustainability is a key part of Dunkin’s growth, and a critical part of our journey is taking bigger, bolder action to be more sustainable in all the ways we operate.” (Dunkin Donuts, 2019)

via Dunkin’ Donuts Newsroom
via Dunkin’ Donuts Newsroom


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