Vegan, Your Workout and You.

Tips for Getting What You Need as an Active Vegan

Most vegan or plant-based eaters are concerned with one of two things: increasing their good health or saving the animals & environment. What both of those people have in common is the need to maintain balance when it comes to getting the right nutrients. Lately, studies have shown that athletes who are vegan need to ensure that whatever they eat includes a high amount of foods that provide high levels of energy. Working out daily is a great way to stay fit and eating the right things pre and post workout will keep you on track to have a great workout!

There is a right vs wrong protein source is such a common misconception..especially when you’re active.

So, what should you be eating pre-workout?

While everyone’s diet choice is truly up to your lifestyle and dietary needs, here are a few snack suggestions for active vegans who need a boost before they step out for the daily workout routine..

  • Fruit Smoothies with dairy alternatives like soy and almond milk
  • Whole grain toast or bagels with peanut butter for protein
  • Overnight oats! A tasty recipe can be found here.
  • Baked sweet potatoes
  • Pretzels

Your post-workout snacks should help you replenish! Carbs and protein are key to include in your snacks.

There are a lot of vegan options for protein and carbs and it is essential to receive them to prevent muscle breakdown after the work is done. Here are a few post-workout snack ideas to add to your list..

  • Lentil or Black Bean Burger
  • Any type of beans or chickpeas
  • Chia Seed Pudding
  • Sandwiches with whole grain bread and spinach
  • Fruit smoothies

We did our research for you and there a some yummy full-meal recipes for post-workouts that can be found here.

clear glass bottle filled with broccoli shake
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