Fad or Future?

Will These Vegan Food Trends Last?

Vegan eating habits are becoming increasingly popular. Ordering a vegan plate at a traditional restaurant is easier to come by. Thanks to vegan and plant-based foods like The Impossible Burger and The Beyond Meat Burger, the world of food is adapting to people’s increasingly changing eating habits. Some people pose the argument: are these foods a fad or will they truly last into the future?

In 2018, Gallup reported that 8% of people ages 30-49 are vegetarian and 4% of that group identify as vegan.

Via Forbes

Tofu and seitan are a staple in the vegan community. Before being vegan became so popular, it has always been a crowd favorite among those who chose to live meat and dairy free. What has changed now is the variety of plant-based products that can actually mimic the look, taste and even cooking characteristics of the real thing. We no longer have to look high and low for a diverse range of vegan and vegetarian options. Most are readily available in our favorite stores and restaurants, but not all of the food industry agrees that these options will stick around forever.

Chipotle CEO, Brian Niccol, was recently interviewed by Barron’s and was quite comfortable saying that he is skeptical that plant-based meats and meat substitutes will continue to rise in the future. Chipotle has its own vegan and vegetarian options, offering their classic fajita veggies and now sofritas, a meat-free tofu option. Niccol says he doesn’t have any plans to add plant-based meats to the menu anytime soon because the process doesn’t match Chipotle’s ethos.

Via LiveKindly Co

Can we even imagine a world without plant-based alternatives today?

While it’s pretty early to say, these options have grabbed all kinds of eaters attention and we have hope that it will continue to grow! Within the last year, plant-based meat sales have risen by 10% compared to last year. Could you imagine having more than just a small aisle of options when you go shopping at your large chain grocery store??

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