The Budgeting Flexitarian

What’s the first thing you thought about when you converted to a flexitarian diet? A vegan diet? Strictly vegetarian? Was it spending money at the grocery store, losing time, having to cook, or lacking the proper resources?

Smart “Flexitarian-isms” to Live By

Being a Flexitarian can be difficult. Many often find themselves torn between their choices. Fret no more, we can help! Click the link below to find out how!

5 Complete Non-Meat Proteins for the Average Flexitarian

Many dieters who are new to the flexitarian lifestyle often find themselves in a crunch when searching for protein. It’s an urban myth within the cooking community that meats such as chicken and fish are the foods with the highest protein content. If you are a new or even a long-time flextitarian, try out this list of our favorite non-meat protein sources that will add to your diet and of course be a great side dish to go with your order of These Wingz?.

The Flexitarian Diet Health Benefits

The primary reasoning for a Flexitarian diet is to add more plant based foods while cutting back on meat. This diet is an easy and realistic way to maintain the healthy eating of vegetarian with the variety of a meat eater.

Why We Love Seitan

Why do we love seitan? High in protein, low in calories and low-fat are just some to name a few. Check out our blog to find out more!